NRCRI Recruitment 2020/2021 | Apply For Job at National Root Crops Research Institute

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National Root Crops Research Institute Recruitment 2020/2021 |

This is an in-depth comprehension for all young graduates anticipating the NRCRI recruitment 2020, it has been updated with the latest information and proceedings of the NRCRI recruitment exercise. Visit the main portal at for more guidelines on the recruitment exercise.

NRCRI Recruitment 2020/2021

Our constant supply of reliable information helping candidates succeed in the various recruitment exercise that have been going on since the beginning of this year, have open doors for many intending applicants asking a lot of questions as per the NRCRI job.

On our different contact platforms we have receive questions such as;

  • Has NRCRI recruitment 2020 began?
  • Where can I obtain NRCRI recruitment application form?
  • How can I apply for the 2020 NRCRI recruitment exercise?
  • When is the application deadline for NRCRI recruitment 2020?

To get answers to these questions, you are encourage to read this post carefully to the end. The complete information about the 2020 National Roots Corps Research Institute (NRCRI) recruitment will be given out to you in this article for free.

We have decided to explain in details the recruitment qualifications, requirements, application procedures guidelines as directed by the National Root Crops Research Institute Recruitment.

Requirements For NRCRI Recruitment 2020

The following are the compulsory recruitment requirements demanded by the National Root Corps Research Institute for the 2020/2021 recruitment exercise. This is the main factor that will determine the application eligibility of any interested applicants, read carefully before you go ahead to the form portal for application.

The NRCRI requirements are as stated below;

  1. Interested applicants must be true citizens of Nigeria as general accepted by law
  2. Age: The minimum age is 18 years and applicants are not expected to exceed the maximum age limit of 35 years.
  3. Interested applicants for National Root Corps Research Institute must be of good conduct with no affiliations to criminal records or any illegal or terror activity
  4. Applicants are to present a valid means of identification generally accepted in the country. Valid identification needed include; International Passport, Driver’s License, Voter’s Card or National Identity Card.
  5. Applicant must possess a valid certificate such as BSC, HND, ND, NCE in any related discipline obtain from an accredited institution.
  6. Applicants must have a WAEC or NECO Certificate with credits in 3 relevant subjects including Mathematics and English Language, this should be obtain at not more than 2 sitting.
  7. Applicants must present a valid health certificate acquired from a certified medical expert or a government hospital stating the physical, mental, psychological and health status of the candidate.
  8. Applicant must be very agile ready to work at any department assigned to him/her and also willing to sacrifice more effort for the growth of the organization.

How to Apply for NRCRI Recruitment 2020

Let us use this medium to inform all interested candidates that the National Root Corps Research Institute is not recruiting at the moment. The NRCRI application form is not yet out for the 2020/2021 recruitment session. You are free to visit the NRCRI job portal at for further clarification and more updates.

All ways visit back this page more frequently as it will be updated gradually until the recruitment form is available.

For now, please ignore any form of NRCRI job advertisement you may come across on the internet, once the form is out it will be announced to the entire public.


NRCRI is an abbreviation for National Root Corps Research Institute. NRCR is a federal government agency established under the Agricultural Sector on January, 1923 at the Moor Plantation, Ibadan, Oyo State.

National Root Corps Research Institute (NRCRI) has been successful in it operation over the years and has also expanded to different states in the country. The following states is where NRCRI management offices can be located:

  • Abia State
  • Anambra State
  • Cross Rivers State
  • Enugu State
  • Imo State
  • Rivers State

As a department established under the Ministry of Agriculture it has been given responsibilities to monitor the improvement in cultivation and distribution of food crops like jam and other essential demanded food items nationwide.

Important Notice: 

Be reminded that the National Root Corps Research Institute recruitment exercise is not going on at the moment. As such we advise you to be very conscious of any contrary information you may encounter on the internet about the National Root Corps Research Institute 2020 recruitment. For now the NRCRI has not yet officially announced any recruitment exercise, therefore disregard any for of affiliation associated to the NRCRI jobs.

When the application form is out and the portal is open, applicants will be allowed to access the job link and each applicant is allowed to apply for just one position. Carefully read and understand the basic requirements before you apply. Select the most suitable job vacancy that match you academic qualifications.

This web page will gradually be updated until the National Root Corps Research Institute application form is out. You will be notified automatically when the form is available online. Kindly bookmark this page on your browser for easy access regularly, the NRCRI recruitment application form is expected to be out any time soon, be at alert.

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