Civil Defence Salary 2021 | NSCDC Salary Structure and Ranks

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Civil Defence (NSCDC) Salary and Ranks 2021

One of the most popular question asked by majority of people who aspire to work with civil defence is; How much is the Civil defence salary per month? . Do you wish to know what officers earn? Then this post is specifically for you and it has answers to all your curiosity about civil defence structure and ranks.

Civil Defence Salary 2021 | NSCDC Salary Structure and Ranks

NSCDC Rank Structure

The Nigeria Civil Defence (NSCDC) rank structure from the least to the highest rank is as arranged below;

  • Assistant Cadre
  • Assistant Inspectorate Cadre
  • Inspectorate Cadre
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre II
  • Assistant Superintendent Cadre I
  • Deputy Superintendent Cadre II
  • Superintendent Cadre II
  • Chief Superintendent Cadre II
  • Assistant Commander
  • Deputy Commander
  • Chief Commander
  • Assistant Commandant General

Civil Defence Salary Structure

The Civil Defence Corp is like every other paramilitary organization here in Nigeria. The NSCDC salary structure for serving personnel is allocated based on the qualification or certificate one possesses. According to the officials the entry are classified in 3 levels which are;

  • Entry Level 7 (HND)
  • Level 8 (Bachelor’s Degree)
  • And Level 9 for (Master’s Degree).

This is self-explanatory, all aspirants should now be aware that their salary depends on their level of education/qualification i.e the higher your qualifications the higher your rank.

Civil Defence (NSCDC) as a paramilitary organization, it salary structure is determined by Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS).

Below shows the various ranks and annual salaries structure of civil defence officers in Nigeria.

Position: Assistant Cadre

Annual Salary: NGN296,506 – NGN374,259


Position: Assistant Inspectorate Cadre

Annual Salary: NGN357,385 – NGN411,454


Position: Inspectorate Cadre

Annual Salary: NGN483,014 – NGN567,065


Position: Assistant Superintendent Cadre II

Annual Salary: NGN858,956 – NGN986,991


Position: Assistant Superintendent Cadre I

Annual Salary:  NGN939,310 – NGN1,056,416


Position: Deputy Superintendent Cadre II

Annual Salary: NGN1,012,562 – NGN1,143,539


Position: Superintendent Cadre II

Annual Salary: NGN1,094,027 – NGN1,252,038


Position: Chief Superintendent Cadre II

Annual Salary: NGN1,158,172 – NGN1,325,234


Position: Assistant Commander

Annual Salary: NGN1,225,584 – NGN1,405,449


Position: Deputy Commander

Annual Salary: NGN1,619,447 – NGN1,825,589


Position: Chief Commander

Annual Salary: NGN1,759,921 – NGN1,966,281


Position: Assistant Commandant General

Annual Salary: NGN2,272,288 – NGN2,464,560

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Feel free to air your opinion about the Civil Defence Salary Structure and ranks. For more update about NSCDC recruitment, visit the comment section below.

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