Top 10 Hacks Every Android | All you Need to Know

Top 10 Hacks Every Android Free:- What could be that one thing that we might not be able to live without? Don’t think so hard!! It’s probably something you are holding in your hand right now!! Yes, your android, where your soul lies and without it, the world seems a hell.

Just kidding!! Of course, we all are tech-savvy and this article might appear a revision to you but, that’s what is the purpose of this article. You will be able to know some best Android hacks every Android user must know.

There are some hacks every android user must know, in order to effectively use their dearest phone. These hacks are assistance or rather solutions to those problems that every android user requires.

1 Charge your Android using the USB port by connecting it to the Television

This is something that will be of good help when your sibling uses your charger and your android is on the verge of dying. Just connect your phone with the TV or are you lazy enough to go to your bedroom to get your charger, this could be helpful.

Though your Android won’t charge as fast as it would when connected to the charger. But it is not a bad option. Even in worst-case scenarios when you lose your charger and your power bank is dead, this is a great option.

2 Google Translate and Google Maps will be beneficial

Everybody loves to travel to different places because traveling is love but language becomes a barrier. Of course English is universal, but you can’t rely on it always.

There might be times you will lose from the crew or the directions are in the foreign language, Google Translate or Maps will be your savior.

Your android will be your tour guide if you are lost in a far distant land and will translate in your preferred language. So for all those who are planning a solo trip, your android will be of great help. Just pack your bags for your dream destination and have fun!!.

Google Maps

Google Translate

3 Safety Apps | Top 10 Hacks Every Android Free

With respect to safety, it is very essential these days that your well-wishers should know where you are irrespective of the gender you belong to. “Mishaps don’t come with prior notification, they just happen”.

Also if you are traveling on a foreign land either with a crew or alone, it is important that someone should be able to locate you, whether it is the local authorities or your friends.

These days a lot of security apps are available on the Google Play store for free, which will guard your well-being wherever you are. So security apps are a must that every android user must have.

4 Services like Google Voice or Skype will save you from extra charges

Of course, everybody uses Jio these days, but when you traveling on an international level, Jio is of no use. So in order to avoid unnecessary expensive phone bills to talk to your near and dear ones.

It is advisable that as an android user, you must make effective use of the inbuilt facilities like Google Voice or Duo that can work under the Wi-fi as well as on data.

There is a lot of software available on the Google Play store like Skype, Messenger, etc which will work on Wifi and will allow you to make voice and video calls.

5 Offline reading | Top 10 Hacks Every Android Free

For all the book lovers or people who hate socializing or those who love reading while travelling, offline reading is something that every android is compatible with.

Of course, hard copies will be evergreen, but you can’t carry them everywhere and Kindle is expensive as well as another liability to be taken care of.

When your android is equipped to be a one-man army, book lovers will not feel incomplete without their books. Google Play store has a variety of offline reading apps, that will make sure that the reader doesn’t strain his/her eyes and enjoy reading wherever and whenever they feel.

6 No more remote fighting | Top 10 Hacks Every Android Free

Have you and your sibling ever been scolded by your mother for fighting on the remote? Definitely Yes!! Studies prove that 75% of the time it is the younger who wins.

But now you can actually take revenge by controlling the channels through your android phone. All you have to do is download the application from Google Play Store and connect with the device.

Not only you can connect to Television, but these remote control apps are available for AC’s, home theatres, music systems, etc. This is also of great help when the remote control’s battery doesn’t work and you don’t want to go out, to buy a new one.

7 Disable those irritating Google Ads!!

Do you ever get pissed at seeing those irritating Google Ads every now and then while using your android? This android hack is very essential. Just go to the Google Play Store and download this free application called Ads-free Application.

What this application basically does is prevents all those unnecessary ads that pop up onto your mobile screen and distracts or irritates your activity. So if you use a lot of online applications and these ads were an irritating element, just download this application and then enjoy!!.

8 Gesture Typing | Top 10 Hacks Every Android Free

For those who are lazy to type text or are bound to do multitasking because of work pressure and hate their own voice, this gesture typing application is worthy enough to use.

Generally these days, androids have inbuilt systems that support Gesture Typing, however in case your android doesn’t have one, you can still access this hack by downloading it from the Google Play Store for free.

There is a software called “SlideIT free keyboard”. If you use this application, you don’t have to press keys on the keyboard, all you have to do is, slide the finger on the keyboard in the continuation and it will form the word.

9 Guests will be welcomed

In order to preserve our privacy from the prying eyes of our relatives, there is a lot of application security application available, however, there are times when we have to lend our phones to someone for some days.

In Such scenarios either we have to transfer our data from the phone or keeping the locks and making the other user helpless. That is why android has come with this Guest mode facility; just like Gmail or Microsoft, you can create a Guest account.

The guest user will be able to have an access to all the inbuilt applications but not on the owner’s personal data. Currently, LG phones have this as an inbuilt software, but another android user can download it from Google Play Store.

10 Dumpster will be a blessing in Disguise

A lot of times, we delete a lot of stuff from our android considering the fact that it might not be useful to us or just to clear memory, but at a later stage, we realize our mistake and regret upon it.

And during that time, Dumpster will prove beneficial. This application is available on Google Play Store. What this application basically does is store all the deleted items.

Of your android just like the recycle bin for a specific period of time. The time period can be set up according to the user. And in case of emergencies, you can go and restore the files.

Conclusion On Top 10 Hacks Every Android Free

So all these hacks are dedicated to all android users, to make their life more easier and compatible. Have fun and enjoy the company of your android. You can read these and use them in your daily life.