How To Show WhatsApp Status Always Online

What If we can say, you can show WhatsApp status always online even if your internet connection if off? Isn’t is sound shocking? Actually, yes you can do this on your smartphone too.

Many people wants to show their WhatsApp always online even if they are offline. In this case they must have to keep their WhatsApp App open and internet connection too.

But it isn’t possible, as your device battery will run out too fast due to this. Well, we have found an awesome trick to make your WhatsApp always online no matter you are using the Internet or not, even when your mobile is switched off.

Whenever your Internet Connection is on and you open WhatsApp in your phone, it will starts showing your Online in off all of your friends mobile. It is very awesome feature, while some Social Media apps haven’t included this feature like Instagram.

But sometimes we want to show our number always online on WhatsApp. There will be many reasons behind this. Well, WhatsApp has a feature to show Online when you open the app but it will show you offline and turns into Last Seen whenever you close the app.

So, this feature is not so useful for us. In this case, you must need a trick to show WhatsApp status always online. You can also do the same with WhatsApp plus app, but we are here explaining about GBWhatsApp.

So you have got the name of the main trick we are going to use. You need an app called GBWhatsApp in order to show you WhatsApp status always online.

Well, here we just told you the name of the application which we are going to use in this tutorial. Below, in this article, we will also provide you step by step guide to make this trick run. Any newbie can understand this tutorial with the help of easy steps and images provided just below each step.

Now, How to Show WhatsApp Status Online whole the day? Don’t worry, we will provide you an awesome trick to stay online always on your WhatsApp. How?

Okay, let you know. First I want to ask, have you ever heard about GBWhatsApp? Maybe your answer is Yes but if not then let me tell you about it. It is one of the best Mod of WhatsApp, available on internet.

You will fall in love with this app after using it for once on your Android phone. What is special about it? It has so many awesome features which are not available on any other Mod apk. Some of the cool features you will love in it are Hide Blue Ticks, Hide Online Status, Show Always Online, and much more.

Requirements to Show Always Online on WhatsApp

First thing comes in our mind while thinking about trick is, what things will be required for doing this? So, if you are thinking for the same about this trick too, then no need to think too much guys.

There is nothing special requirement, you can easily follow this tutorial on any Android mobile. Well, if you still want to know, here is the list of required things:

  • An Android Phone
  • Internet Connection
  • GBWhatsApp Apk Latest Version

These are the only required three things that we are going to use in this tutorial. Well, we don’t think anything is special in the above list. Aren’t you?

Yeah! Anyone can manage all these three items, easily. Whenever you are ready with these all items, you can proceed to the main part of this trick.

How to Show WhatsApp Status Always Online Even If You Are Offline

So, this question is appearing in your mind? Okay, We are here to answer your question in s simple manner. All of you will understand this whole tutorial easily as we are going to explain this trick deeply with the help of Screenshots.

We hope you have checked the required section which I have shared above. If not, no need to just start following the given steps.

1) First of all you have to uninstall your old WhatsApp app from your phone. Because we are going to install another Mod app and both WhatsApp will not work on same phone number. So first, remove the official WhatsApp from your smartphone.

2) Now, download GBWhatsApp apk on your device

3) Install the downloaded apk, you will get it in download folder.

4) Open the app and enter your phone number then verify it via one time password.

5) Set your Display Picture & Name and proceed to next.

6) Now your WhatsApp account is ready to use. It’s time to do the main trick.

7) Click on top right corner and the choose “GB Settings” then Scroll down and click on “Other MODs”.

8) Scroll down a bit and you will get an option “Always Online”, just tick mark on it.

9) At last, it asks to restart GBWhatsApp, simple allow it by clicking on Ok and you are done.

That’s how to show your WhatsApp status always online. Isn’t it so simple? Yeah!! Now, you can enjoy your WhatsApp with your status showing always online.

There is no need to use the WhatsApp app, just turn this feature On and relax. Also see Freedom APK for Android, which has the ability to bypass in-app purchases.

Some people says that you must need a rooted Android phone to run GBWhatsApp but it is just a myth. There is no requirement of root access. It can be installed on any Android phone running on 4.0+ Android version.

Nothing else is required. Now, make some fun with your friend by showing your WhatsApp status online without opening WhatsApp app. :-p We have enjoyed a lot with my college friends by showing them my online status while my phone is switched off.

WhatsApp is one from the most popular chatting apps in the world. Billions of people prefers to use WhatsApp instead of any other chatting application.

Many people love this app because of its simplicity while others like it because it makes their work easier. We all use WhatsApp in our daily life.

Some people wake up and use WhatsApp first, they send Good Morning messages in groups and to friends and at night they do the same with a Good night text. This is how people use it in their daily life. No one can be left using this awesome application.

Final Words

So, have you got the trick? We sure your answer is yes. Now, you are able to show WhatsApp Status Always online even if you are offline in reality. We don’t think anything is hard to understand in this tutorial. If still, you are facing any doubt or issue, feel free to comment below.

When you want to show offline again, you can untick that option from GBWhatsApp. That’s it. Don’t think it will remain Online always. Everything is in your hand, when you feel uncomfortable with it just untick that feature. Soon, new WhatsApp Tricks are going to be posted on our blog.