How To Capture Photos & Selfies Just By A Whistle

How To Capture Photos & Selfies Just By A Whistle:- Next to actually calling other people, everyone uses their phone to do one other thing the most these days and i.e. to take photos or selfies.

The modern day individual buys phones based first on camera quality and all other features come next. We all know how much importance is placed on a good photo posted on social media such as Instagram or Facebook now.

So why not make things easier and take the best picture possible from your device? However, one glitch is that sometimes you can’t get the right grip on your phone to click your selfie at the angle you want.

Another annoyance is having to ask a stranger to take pictures of you or your friends. You can’t really carry a tripod around with you all the time, can you?

However, we have a perfect solution to this little issue. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you turn your device into a hands-free camera? We will tell you exactly how you can do this on your android device.

Imagine not having to press an actual button to click your pictures or even having to hold the device in your hand. Well. Your imagination just came true with the Whistle Camera app.

It is available on Google Play Store and can easily be downloaded on any Android device. The quirky feature of this app is that it lets you capture pictures with just a whistle! This is one of the cool apps for Android devices, which you should try.

How to Use Whistle Camera App on your Phone | How To Capture Photos & Selfies Just By A Whistle

  • Download Whistle Camera app from Play Store – Download
  • Install the app and open it from the app drawer.
  • Now place the phone where you want it and make sure it is stable. It should provide a clear shot of what you want to capture.
  • Once the phone is set, you can go to your spot and pose as you like. Once you are ready to take the shot, just whistle. The app will recognize the sound as its command and click the picture for you. A shutter sound will indicate that it was taken.

Some feature of Whistle Camera

  • Whistle detector
  • Volume buttons for clicking pictures
  • Autofocus
  • Landscape as well as portrait orientation
  • Photo sharing
  • Photo editing with effects, filters, and tools
  • Picture gallery with an updated rid view
  • Video mode support in the latest version.

The default settings of the application usually work for everyone. However you can make changes as you require. You can change the location of image storage as well.

If you take pictures in noisy environments you might have to adjust the settings accordingly too. A con of the app is that there are frequent ads.

If you purchase the Pro version then these stop. Let’s take a look at how you can get this app and run it on your device for a hands-free experience.

Conclusion On How To Capture Photos & Selfies Just By A Whistle

Follow these easy steps and you have a hands-free camera at your disposal. Now you can click your photos with just a whistle! There’s no hassle of buttons and asking people to take pictures for you.

The app works with the front as well as back camera effectively. You can now take the best selfies and photos anywhere at any time!