How to Apply for Free Scholarships and Requirements

How to Apply for Free Scholarships and Requirements:- Getting the right information on full scholarships to study abroad has always been a challenge. It is either the pieces of information are outdated or misleading or the candidate (applicant) can’t how the applications of scholarship work.

We have handled that part on our end by putting hands together in not only getting the right contents, but also providing a simple and stargith forward guide to apply for each scholatrships purblished.

This page gives a step by step approche to apply for any scholatrships; you ever see either on this page or other pages you may likely visit later.

Why are we doing this?

Well, there has been a misconception both on the cost and other requirements to gain scholarships abroad and locally. But you may be surprised to know now that there are thousands of scholarships and grants out there, you can apply and be selected to start your academics again.

Information is the key. There is a wise saying by ― Criss Jami, Venus in Arms, that;

“In the age of technology, there is constant access to vast amounts of information. The basket overflows; people get overwhelmed; the eye of the storm is not so much what goes on in the world, it is the confusion of how to think, feel, digest, and react to what goes on.”

― Criss Jami, Venus in Arms

This is the reason we have come on board in a different style to continue providing every steps on the way on how to go about applying for all kinds of available scholarships best for you.

So that you can focus only only on what works and get your results faster than you could immagine.

Types of Scholarships and Requirements for Scholarship Application

This part lets you know the many qualities and achievements that make you eligible for scholarships. Scholarships could be available through or within your locality and abroad. But all narrowed down to the below types of scholarship programs today.

Community service: This are typ of scholarships mostly seen within your country; not only reservies for the top students. This are Opportunities from the volunteers in your community. Scholarships like this could be presented without any form of test, and may posibly not be a fully funded scholarship.

Academic achievements: These are mostly for specific kind of students. In most cases you see scholarships requesting and advertising for scholarships for first-class students, scholarships for second-class students. Or Scholarships for students with a specific GPA, and so on.


This kind of scholarship applies to both local (that’s within your country) and international (to study abroad scholarships). Governments, companies, and organizations provide this kind of scholarship program.

Financial need: This are hard, the government knows that, also organizations and companies knows as well. There are lots of breliants students with excellent ideas, but no fund to further their educations. This is why they step in to assist.

Companies like MasterCard, Coca-Cola, Walmart, etc, collaborate with top institutions to provide scholarships with the aim of assisting financially. Scholarships from these companies could be fully funded, or a certain percentage of the fund is provided base on the applicants’ or family incomes.

Family’s workplace and military affiliation: It is possible to also get free scholarships base on family’s affiliation with a company.

There are companies and government agencies that provide such an opportunity to their staffs to benefit. Universities, Military, and other organizations/companies, for example, award scholarships to children of their employees.

Personal background: A number of scholarship programs are focused to support traditionally underrepresented students. Such scholarships are available for international students.

Google’s Women Techmakers Scholars Program, for example, supports accepted or enrolled female undergraduate or graduate students studying computer science, computer engineering or a related field.

Likewise the Hispanic Scholarship Fund’s awards, which range from $500 to $5,000, are open to students of Hispanic heritage in all majors and graduate fields, but place an emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math majors.

African-American high school seniors with a record of community service can apply for the renewable Ron Brown Scholarship, which totals $40,000.

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Who can apply for a Scholarship? { How to Apply for Free Scholarships }

Everybody desires a good life. That is why scholarships are available to everybody, irrespective of family background, educational qualification, locations, or languages. The major thing is understand if the scholarship if for you and how to apply for them.

There is plenty of scholarship program both national and international. And one of the best ways of remaining at the top of the right information is subscribing to our free “Newsletter”, joining our groups (on Facebook, Telegram, and WhatsApp), and already returning for more updates here.

The scholarship application is available for everyone. You just need to find the best for you.

Requirements for Scholarship Application

Below are the How to Apply for Free Scholarships and Requirements needed to apply for scholarships. Note that required documents may vary depending on the organization/Institutions’ requirements.

1. Scholarship Application Form

The scholarship application form is the first requirement for any scholarship application. It serves as a formal written request to study in the institution of choice. There’s no gainsaying that utmost care and keen attention to detail must be given when filling the form.

2. Copies of your Passport/ID/Visa

A passport/ID/visa is an official document that confirms the holder’s identity which guarantees s/he can travel to or from a foreign country. Your passport should be valid for the duration of your study and 6 or more months after your departure from your host country.

3. Copies of  your Transcript

A transcript is a complete list of the courses taken and grades earned by a student throughout his/her course of study. Your academic transcript highlights vividly the courses you offered and the grades you made in each of them. This enables the university to identify your area(s) of learning during your previous study (ies) as a prequel to the program.

4. Statement of Purpose/Letter of Motivation

Motivation letters and statements of purpose are equally general documents needed for scholarship applications. In writing a statement of purpose, you’ll state clearly why you want to undergo the program as well as what fascinates you about the institution. The motivation letter, on the other hand, must have a focus on your background and your activeness to duty.

5. Letter of Recommendation 

Even after receiving your transcript and final remark, the university you’re; applying to still needs recommendation letters from people who know you. This serves as a further testament to and endorsement of your character and learning. It is absolutely importantbecause certificates are awarded both in character and learning.

6. Curriculum Vitae/Resume

Your Curriculum Vitae/Resume is equally important although it does not require excessive highlights of your work. Even without work experience, you can outline schools attended; your level of computer proficiency as well as things of interest. It’s just a way to show how well your experiences are in line with the course you want to study.

7. Standardized Test Scores

One of the criteria for the award of scholarships is your test scores. The standardized tests here include the SAT, ACT, GRE, GPA. Students are usually selected on merit; the sponsors of the scholarship determine who can merit it and how. The test scores are some general documents needed for scholarship applications.

Moreover, there are still some other documents needed or; that are been requested by some scholars, and that includes;

8. Medical Certificate

A medical certificate is required to ascertain the state of your health. It must be signed by an authorized hospital or clinic in your home country. Each report should be translated by an authorized translator into the official language of your host country.

9. Essay

This is similar to a statement of purpose/letter of motivation. But in this case, you’ll explain what you’re passionate about; and what drove you to study the course you’ve chosen. This document is meant to be so personal, unique and powerful; that it becomes a winning piece before the admission officer(s).

9. Parent’s Financial Status

In this category, you’ll reveal the financial status of your parents including their monthly earnings, taxes paid, etc. This is important because the institution wants to be sure; that you will not suffer any financial challenges while in school.

How to Apply for Free Scholarships Programs

First step, is to go through the information provided about the scholarship you’re iterested to apply for. Then see the requirements and ensure you have then available for upload; or send via post office (depending on the type of scholarship).

Go through the main website to confirm the update and use the available application link to start your applocation.

Please note that scholarships have durations. In order words, are periodic. For example, a particular scholarship program may be available three times or twice or once yearly. It all depends.

During the application, you may be asked to create an account first before applying for the scholarship. In any case, follow the steps as instructed. That is How to Apply for Free Scholarships.