Gallery Vault APK Download for Android

Gallery Vault APK Download for Android:- Hey Guys, in this tutorial we will tell you about how can you download Gallery Vault APK on your Phone.

We all are fond of smartphones and their amazing feature whether it be their amazing command over features of other gadgets or their own uniqueness. We use smartphones like any other usual habit.

One of the most amazing features is the camera, we click the phone and capture video of every moment on the daily basis and share it among our friends and family.

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What you Need Konw

But do we really share and everything with our and do we really like everyone seeing our images without permission. The answer is quite simple and very usual that we don’t want such a scenario with us at all.

Just like any other confidential thing photos and video have the same genre of the thing we call private. so, to make them safe from others reaching your phone in absence we need some security features in the phone to avoid it. Hence the use of this lovely apk based app called gallery vault is very useful and helpful.

Gallery vault is a security application just the like the applocker but specifically is designed for hiding the content of gallery. Feature includes a list of using entities that may help you to keep your secrets within your smartphone and that too very safe.

Thus with the help of a password and other safety credentials details you are good to leave your smart at any place without any tension. This very small-size application of only 8 MB has many prominent safety features that are not even seen in many good applications of the same genre.

This includes break-in alerts, fingerprint scanner, high encryption, fake password, hiding icon option, and many more. The best thing about this application that the developer has designed this application for every version of android thus from 4.0 to the latest 7.0 every version is similarly supported by this amazing application.

How to Download and Install Gallery Vault APK

for downloading and installation of application you need to follow some simple steps and you are good to go using the app.

  • Download Gallery Vault APK from here – Download Gallery Vault.
  • Then click on downloaded APK file, & hit Install button.
  • After that just open the APK file and follow the simple step of installation by accepting all the terms and conditions.
  • Provide a 4 digit passcode and email address.
  • Check for tutorial provided by the developer in the app.
  • Change setting accordingly and you are good to start with.

Features of Gallery Vault APK

  • Hide icon: this unique feature allows you to hide the icon of the application and switch it into the simple calculator icon so that nobody will be able to find out that you have gallery vault in your phone. Thus no suspicion among your friend and colleagues that you are hiding something in your phone that is very confidential.
  • Fake password: this feature allows to set a fake password that you can enter in front of those who knows that you are using this application and you can not tell that you are hiding something them also. So all you need to do is share your fake password with them, which will open a fake set of picture that were open as set of hidden files and your actual files will still be safe.
  • Security alert: suppose you left your phone at someone’s place and you are curious and suspicious that they would try to unlock the gallery vault in your absence. But there is no need of worries because , this application will directly send a security alert that some is trying to unlock your vault in your absence but sending you alert with the help of an email by which you can track them easily.
  • Hide photos and videos: this application is considered as a save vault for both photos and as well as videos primarily. But also one can easily save other files secured in that vault.


  • Easy to use and operate: using this application is not an rocket science, one can easily operate and use it accordingly. Even the user interface and perform of this application is commendable that any technical glitch is being able to be found.
  • Connect with your email address: this application asks you an email address that is required for security option of resetting your password when you forget it, as well that email address will help you to recover files when you change you handset to other newer android phone.
  • Others: this application is not connected to server of the developer thus gives you total assurance of the safety.even other addons like theme changing consisting a wide range of colors to choose from. There is no space limitation of photos and videos for hiding therefore you can easily hide as many as images you want. Supports hidden file in to side card so that no one will be able to track the file location even by using file manager. Last but not the least application also supports gesture of shaking the phone to close it when you are in hurry and you do not have that much time to close that application manually at all.

Wrapping Up

So guys, this was the tutorial for download and install Gallery Vault APK on your phone. You can download the APK from above, install it on your phone and enjoy it.