Blokada APK Latest Version Download for Android

Blokada APK Latest Version Download for Android:- We all surf the internet on daily basis, as most of the thing, is not possible for us at all. These include news, song, videos, social media, games, and infotainment.

But as you are already aware of it whenever we search for the stuff for our basic needs over the internet. The irritating ads strike on the line causing a disturbance in the decorum of our pleasant mood.

On the side of the business industries, ads are providing jobs to society but some ads over the internet are very inconvenient, not worth watching, and even sometimes cause you to lead some spam that may harm the security of your PCs.

What you Need to Kown

Therefore, to deal with such issues advertisement blocking application is required but google does not support such an application because it directly pay affects their business.

Here in this article, we will be discussing this lovely application called blokada app. This application is based upon different client used for blocking ads from each every source possible.

The application consists of features with different preset options that allows you to block a wide range of ads. Even in custom options allowing you to block ads of your own choice and even with different ad blocking options.

This application has a list of features that are very promising for you, if you download it once and you will start loving it in no time. You think for yourself this application will protect you from malware, tracking, and ads, and in return, it will save you from high data prices issues, and that too all for free.

Although this application is new in the market still it has hundreds and thousands of users all around the world with that tool full satisfaction. Here in this article, we will be discussing each and every piece of information related to the features, installation, and usage of the application.

Download BLOKADA

Features of Blokada APK

  • Wide range of ad-blocking options: this lovely application consists of a wide range of ad-blocking options to choose from. Some of these are Adaway, HpHost, MVPS, Unified, Mother of all Ad Blocking list, and Coin Blocker list. You can enable and disable according to your own needs.
  • Get notified: one of the most interesting features about this app is that you always get a notification every time whenever ads try to appear. You will instantly get notified about the blocking of the ads is taking place. As the app is continuously active in the background to take care of your comfort.
  • Easy to access: to run and operate this app is not a big deal at all. As it directly actives with a single gesture of tap, the same effort you take while switching on any other electronic device.
  • Graphic user interface: the operating design and working interface is not presented with the complication at all. You will easily be able to understand how to operate the application. But exploring it by yourself.
  • Additional features: many additional features such as the option of open at start-up automatically, advanced setting with a lovely graphical design will provide you the best amount of user satisfaction like any other paid application of a similar genre.

How to Download & Install BLOKADA APK on your Phone

As already mentioned earlier, the user interface is not a very complex stuff to understand at all. But still let us a give you an quick overview about the operation this application includes.

  • Download BLOKADA App on your phone from here – Download BLOKADA
  • Just open the application.
  • Click on the switch on mode, the ads blocking feature will activate right away.
  • The status of the application is also mentioned in the attributes like the blacklist, white list, no. of ads blocked, and the upgradation notification.
  • You can also enable/ disable the option notification and start on boot from the front end of the application itself.
  • Blocking by choosing a preset list of ads list is provided and we also suggest you choose from one of these to get a better experience of the application.
  • Then a dialog will appear that you have to allow this applicate to allow VPN service on your phone.
  • Once you allow it, this app will simply be able to provide you VPN Service and block ads on your phone.

Additional information

The License of the application is free for all users and it is supported by Android Op. A system with version 5.0 and up. The application lies in the category of Security/Performance.

The general language of operation is English but also available in different languages as reported by author ”Blokada”. The Size of the application is less than 3 MB. the latest version of the app is of date 02.02.2021. With the Package Name org.blokada.