How to Delete Hitwe Account | Remove your Profile

How to Delete Hitwe Account – Interestingly, more people are cutting back on their social media time. Especially those involved in online dating. Some, because of overload, some, privacy and data concern, some, because of addiction and time waste and some, because of lack of trust and dissatisfaction.

Meanwhile, our today`s post will be to guide you, our visitor on the steps to delete Hitwe account. Without running out to the cafe; here`s how to do it all by yourself and avoid the bulk of disturbance you got yourself into.

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But before we begin, there are few things that will be necessary if you know them. It will inform you more about the decision you are about to take. Moreover, it will counsel you so you will have no sense of regret after you unsubscribe Hitwe account.

How does Hitwe work?

Once you have successfully signed up for a Hitwe account, you can start liking other users and sending them messages.

Special Features of Hitwe

  • See who liked your profile
  • Profile Interaction Counter
  • Pet Evolution

Before you go ahead to deactivate Hitwe account. We would like to provide you with helpful information that might quench your dissatisfaction. Hence, we ask that you carefully check through the list of solutions that we shall be rolling out below.

How to filter incoming messages?

You now manage your incoming messages by these criteria:

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Premium subscription
  4. Users with photos and location. Set filters in the Settings

You can’t send messages to other people. What’s the problem?

You can’t message a person if he or she blacklisted you. Another reason is that you can’t send messages to users listed in the “TOP-users” section unless you have a Premium subscription

How to unsubscribe from all notifications

To unsubscribe from all notifications, go to Settings, untick the “notifications” boxes and then save the changes

I want to receive website notifications

In order to receive notifications from the site, go to Settings, tick the types of notifications you’d like to get from Hitwe. After that save the changes

How to join Premium Club?

To join Premium Club, go to this page, choose the method of payment, the number of premium days and follow the instructions

How to delete my profile? How to Delete Hitwe Account

You can deactivate (delete) your profile following this guide.
1. If you use a computer – Go to Settings – Security – Profile deactivation – Remove.
2. If you use a mobile phone – Settings – Profile settings – Delete button.
3. If you use an Android app – Profile – Gear icon – Delete.
4. If you use an iOs app – Profile – Edit – Delete account.

How to change my email?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to change your profile email. You can create another account with a new email address.

What should I do if I forget my password?

If you have registered your Hitwe account by email the only step to reset your password is to click “forgot password?” and follow the simple instructions to reset it.

How to block users?

To add a person to your blacklist, choose the Complain option on the Home page or on the user’s profile. A pop-up will open and you can choose the type of violation and your further actions.

If you use a computer or mobile phone, find the “blacklist” option in your Dialogue as well.

How to block a spammer?

If you detected a spammer, please notify our support team by pressing “Complain” – “Spam” or fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

I trust that the above pack of information was able to resolve the problem. But if not then, you can now proceed to delete Hitwe Account

How to Delete Hitwe Account | Deactivate Hitwe Account

Now, the hour has come; the time to show you how to permanently deactivate Hitwe account. Follow the steps below to achieve your goal.

  1. Go to:
  2. Go to the profile location and click on the profile drop-down.
  3. Tap on Settings your choice option
  4. Click on delete to permanently unsubscribe Hitwe

Let us wrap it up: Your decision to leave and delete Hitwe is really a good one. Why? Because of the sensual and corrupt experience that anyone that exposes him/herself to this platform can contact.

But am sure this is not the end. You will need a substitute for this. There is no vacuum in life. Acquaint yourself with your Bible and JESUS now that you have achieved this fit. God Bless You as you heed!